Our Mission

About us

Young Diplomats in London (YDL) is a voluntary organisation committed to providing a forum for Diplomats based in London to network and share experiences. From welcoming and facilitating members to settle down and integrate in the UK to organising charitable and networking events, YDL is here to help, guide, promote and establish true lifelong friendships. YDL is on of the most dynamic associations of diplomats and young professionals in London. Today it has more thab 2,000 members who are kept up to date with the latest news and upcoming events through email and social networking sites.

A charitable organisation YDL is committed to making a real difference to the communities in which it operates as well as those abread by supporting a wide range of charitable causes and organisations.

It engages in and supports projects which make a positive impact on people’s lives ranging from providing long term, self-sustainable solutions to communities in Darfur to improving the lives of homeless people in London and the South.

Within our team, we have gathered the best people who
stand behind their promise to navigate and help.